Simon Boudvin シモン・ボードヴァン
13.2 x 10.0 cm, 392 pages, Soft cover, Offset print
Publication date: April 2024
Edition of 600
ISBN 978-4-907934-61-3


Japanese translation by Ryo Osada
Thanks to Seulgi Lee / Kakeru Okada
Printed and bound by inuuniq

The title “SUPERKYOTO” is taken from the Italian architectural group “Superstudio”, known for their use of a grid pattern. Simon Boudvin spent last year in Kyoto, photographing many of the city’s tiled buildings. The scene that Superstudio once depicted as an anti-utopia was spread over time in Kyoto, a completely different country. The grid provides a backdrop for many objects and shapes, witnesses to everyday life.


Simon Boudvin シモン・ボードヴァン
Simon Boudvin, born in 1979, pursued his education at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture. Following a period of teaching at various art and architecture institutions, he became a part of the Arts Department at the National School of Landscape in Versailles. Distinguishing himself as an outdoor artist rather than one confined to the studio, Boudvin’s artistic endeavors unfold within the realms of exhibitions, residencies, and collaborations with architects and other professionals. His artistic trajectory is marked by a progression showcased through exhibitions, partnerships, and publications. Noteworthy among his recent publications are “Motivi” (Roma Publications, 2023), “Oise” (Building Books, 2022), “Bote-chu & Sèllatte” (art&fictions, 2022), “Ailanthus Altissima” (B42, 2021), and “Un Nouveau Musée” (MER./Accattone, 2019).

1979年生まれ。パリのエコール・デ・ボザール(国立高等美術学校)とマラケ国立建築大学で学ぶ。さまざまな美術・建築教育機関で教鞭をとった後、再びヴェルサイユ国立造園学校の美術科に入学。シモン・ボードヴァンの芸術活動は、展覧会、レジデンス、建築家などとのコラボレーション、出版などの領域で展開され、アトリエに閉じこもることなく野外アーティストとして活動する。最近の出版物としては、“Motivi”(Roma Publications、2023年)、“Oise”(Building Books、2022年)、“Bote-chu & Sèllatte”(art&fictions、2022年)、“Ailanthus Altissima”(B42、2021年)、“Un Nouveau Musée”(MER./Accattone、2019年)などが挙げられる。