"Afternoon Reading"
Makiko Minowa 箕輪麻紀子
18.2 x 12.8 cm, 128 pages, Soft cover, Offset print
Publication date: November 2023
Edition of 600
ISBN 978-4-907934-60-6


This is the third collection of Makiko Minowa's works in DOOKS. This work depicts a relaxing time facing books, fantasies, and the surrounding landscape, all newly written for this book.
At the end of the book, we asked Chihoi, a Taiwanese artist and operator of the book label nos:books, to contribute a very nice poem. A message card is included.

巻末には、台湾のアーティストであり、ブックレーベルnos:booksを運営しているChihoiにとても素敵な詩を寄せてもらいました。 メッセージカード付き。

Makiko Minowa 箕輪麻紀子
Illustrator. She works in advertisements, books, magazines, etc.

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