Ryo Fujimoto 藤本 涼
25.7 x 16.9 cm, 62 pages, Codex binding, Offset print
Publication date: October 2021
Edition of 300
ISBN 978-4-907934-47-7


This is a collection of photographs newly produced based on a work from 2005 in which tried to think about reproduction and its medium. A postcard-sized eraser (148 x 100 x 11 mm) is split in two by inserting the blade of a cutter from the side, and photographed with light shining on each. The marks made by the blade, which requires a little force and is difficult to control, are engraved on the eraser as an improvised image, and at the same time, another image is created as a mirror image. The two sets of cut images are superimposed once again by the movement of the eyeballs or by closing the book.

Ryo Fujimoto 藤本 涼
Artist/Photographer. 1984 Born in Tokyo. 2010 Graduated M.F.A. in Inter Media Art, Tokyo University of the Arts. He considers the scenes that appear in front of him as "images that could not be touched," and uses photography to develop ways of touching and measuring the distance to these images. Main exhibitions include shiseido art egg vol.5 "eating haze and visualize” (SHISEIDO GALLERY/Tokyo, 2011), "hyper-materiality on photo” (Somerset House/London, 2015 *in Photo London), under 35 "Where is the Cloud Focus?” (BankART SILK/Yokohama, 2019).
美術家/写真家。1984年東京生まれ。2010年東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科先端芸術表現専攻修了。眼前に立ち現れる光景を “触れられなかったイメージ” ととらえ、それらのイメージへの触れ方、距離の測り方を写真を用いて展開する。主な展覧会に「第5回シセイドウアートエッグ 藤本涼展 かすみをたべて、幻視する。」(資生堂ギャラリー/東京 2011年)、「hyper-materiality on photo」(Somerset House 2015年 ※Photo London内)、「under 35 クラウドフォーカスの行方」(BankART SILK/横浜 2019年)など。