Yusuke Endo 遠藤祐輔
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Publication date: September 2017
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In an interval of the job, I talked with Ms. Nagai on what kind of face is favorite. Ms. Nagai said she likes weak features—as weak as possible, so weak that she would forget them after parting and returning home. That’s because, she said, she can make wonderful features in her imagination during when she can’t meet him/her. I used to take photos of what are easy to grasp, but from then, I tried to take photos in the opposite direction, neither concrete nor abstract, photos that Ms. Nagai would forget. They didn’t have colors, but they weren’t sentimental unlike the end of summer. They were rather lively and gentle like typhoons in rainy season in Japan.

Yusuke Endo 遠藤祐輔
遠藤祐輔は、動くことを止めない人や街を、彼自身もまた動き続けながら撮影します。その量を伴った速度によって圧縮された都市空間が写し出され、WEBを次々とスクロールしているかのような感覚を生じさせることに、彼の写真の特質があります。遠藤は撮影対象の「観察者」や「目撃者」として振る舞うので はなく、むしろ撮影対象に限りなく同化しようと研ぎすましてゆく作家です。(門眞 妙)