Yusuke Endo 遠藤祐輔
18.2 x 12.8 cm, 200 pages, Soft cover, On-demand print
Publication date: August 2017
Edition of 60


These photos were shot as if stopping to find invisible landscapes and assimilating into the subjects. Recollection of photos with no end.

Yusuke Endo 遠藤祐輔
Born in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, in 1985. Graduated from the Course of Intermedia Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. He displayed his works at 15th 1_WALL Exhibition for Photographs.

Yusuke Endo shoots photos of people and cities that never stop moving, with himself moving too. The characteristic of his photos is that they represent the urban spaces compressed by their speed with quantity and make the viewers feel as if scrolling webpages. Endo is an artist who does not act as an “observer” or “witness” of the subjects, rather sharpens his sense to assimilate into them as closer as possible.
遠藤祐輔は、動くことを止めない人や街を、彼自身もまた動き続けながら撮影します。その量を伴った速度によって圧縮された都市空間が写し出され、WEBを次々とスクロールしているかのような感覚を生じさせることに、彼の写真の特質があります。遠藤は撮影対象の「観察者」や「目撃者」として振る舞うので はなく、むしろ撮影対象に限りなく同化しようと研ぎすましてゆく作家です。(門眞 妙)