Yusuke Omata 小俣 裕祐
21.0 x 28.5 cm, 16 pages, Soft cover, Offset print
Publication date: June 2016
ISBN 978-4-907934-11-8


A succession of photos having contingently occurred through accumulation of everyday encounters, suggesting many other things that would be scattered outside the photos. The cover is made to expect the next succession. This book is the second piece of the series “SIDE BY SIDE”, the first piece of which was published in May 2014.
日々の出会いの集積によって偶然に現れてきた写真の連なりであり、他にも点在しているであろう多くの物事をも連想させる。表紙も次への連なりを予感させるつくりに。2014年5月に刊行した初版「SIDE BY SIDE」に続くシリーズの2作目となります。

Yusuke Omata 小俣 裕祐
Photographer. Born in 1985. At the age of 26, he began to be conscious of taking photos and he continues to take film photos every day. Published photo books “SIDE BY SIDE1,2” and “A single flower” from DOOKS.
写真家。1985年生まれ。26歳で写真を撮ることを意識し始め、日々フイルム写真にこだわり撮り続けている。DOOKSより、写真集「SIDE BY SIDE1,2」,「一輪の花」を出版。