Koichiro Takesue 武居 功一郎
14.8 x 14.8 cm, 40 pages, Soft cover, On-demand print
Publication date: September 2015
Edition of 100


The works uploaded to Instagram were collected into two kinds of book, black and white. A sticker cut in the signiture shape is put on the cover. The edition number is printed on the back cover.
*You cannot choose the edition number.

Koichiro Takesue 武居 功一郎
An artist. He introduces the data of photos to computer, and digitally processes them using patterns that evoke the textures of classical oil paintings. The surfaces of his work are processed with staggering workload and composed of virtual strokes; interacting with flat papers for output, they shake viewers' perceptions between experiences of deja vu and strangeness.