Yutaka Nozawa 野沢 裕
21.0 x 14.8 cm, 84 pages, Soft cover, Offset print
Publication date: June 2015
ISBN 978-4-907934-03-3


By running several series of photos with different time axes in a book, photos lying next to each other show unexpected relationships. The title “l.l.l.m.” is the abbreviation of “load,” “lean,” “line up,” and “mirror,” all of which are the processes of shooting photos.
時間軸を伴った写真をひとつの本の中に複数並走させることで、隣り合う写真の意外な関係性が、本の中で新たに生まれています。タイトルである「l.l.l.m.」は写真を撮る際の「Load(積む)」「Lean(立て掛ける)」「Line up(並べる)」「Mirror(映す)」といった行為の頭文字からきています。

Yutaka Nozawa 野沢 裕
Born (in 1983) and lives in Shizuoka Prefecture. Graduated from Department of Fine Arts (Painting Major), Tokyo Zokei University in 2008. Completed the course of Painting, Graduate School of Art, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2011. Completed the master's course of Fine Art Photography, IED Madrid in 2014. He participated in various residence programs and exhibitions, domestic and abroad, such as “→■←” Quinta del Sordo (2014, Madrid), “PORTFOLIO DAYS & NIGHT” Centre national de l'audiovisuel (CNA) (2014, Luxenburg), “Triunfo y poesia” Galeri´a Santa fe- La Decanatura (2014, Columbia), “Musubijutsu [combination of “musubi” (connection) and “bijutsu” (art)]” Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art (2013, Shizuoka), “SLASH/07—Dekirugdake Tooku wo Miro [Look into the Distance as Far as Possible]—” nap gallery (2012, Tokyo), “8nin no Nihonjin Artist Toyo no Kohkan [8 Japanese Artists—Exchange in Orient]” hosted by The Japan Foundation New Delhi, SSVAD (2012, India). Using various methods and materials such as photos, films, and 3D works, he adds a subtle touch to everyday experience, which would otherwise pass by as a matter of course, and reconstructs the landscape.
1983年静岡県生まれ、在住。2008年東京造形大学造形学部美術学科絵画専攻卒業。2011年東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科絵画専攻修了。2014年IED Madrid, master of Fine Art Photography修了。「→■←」Quinta del Sordo (2014、マドリード)、「PORTFOLIO DAYS & NIGHT」Centre national de l'audiovisuel(CNA) (2014、ルクセンブルグ)、「Triunfo y poesia」Galeri´a Santa fe- La Decanatura (2014、コロンビア)、「むすびじゅつ」静岡県立美術館 (2013、静岡)、「SLASH/07 -できるだけ遠くをみろ-」nap gallery (2012、東京)、国際交流基金ニューデリー日本文化センター主催「8人の日本人アーティスト 東洋の交換」SSVAD (2012、インド)など、国内外の様々なレジデンス・プログラムや展示に参加。写真・映像・立体など様々な技法や素材を使い、あたりまえに通り過ぎてしまうような日常の体験に、少しだけ手を加え演出し、風景を再現する。