"After image"
21.0 x 21.0 cm, Cover: Lithograph Print, Photo book: On-demand print
Publication date: April 2015
Cover Type A: Edition of 30
Cover Type B: Edition of 30

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When the artist recollected her photos taken without purposes, she noticed afterimages in them having links with her drawings. Recollected photos overlap with each other as if they are the afterimages of each. The photo are shrink-packed and become separate if the package is loosed. You can enjoy the lithographically printed cover as a single work. Limited production of 60 copies. Two patterns of covers, A and B, each with 30 copies. *You cannot choose the edition number.

Born in Nara Prefecture and lives in Tokyo. An artist. From 2011, she produces her works by various methods including: space-constructing installation using her drawings, ready-made products, and her self-made devices; 3D works; and collage of the photos taken by herself. From 2014, she runs an accessary brand “nishi.” In 2015, her photo book “After image” was published from DOOKS.
奈良県生まれ東京在住。美術作家。絵画、既製品、自作の装置を用いて空間構成するインスタレーションや、立体作品、自身で撮影した写真のコラージュなど、様々な方法で2011年より作品を発表。2014年より『nishi』という身につける装飾品ブランドも展開。2015年DOOKSから写真集 "After image" を出版。