Jun Iizuka 飯塚 純
W 16.6 x H 2.8 x D 12.9 cm, 36 cards
Production date: October 2017
Edition of 300

 Sold out 
DOOKS sells Jun Iizuka’s work “FOREST MEMORY,” which was exhibited at the group exhibition “Shinsho Fukei (Landscapes in New Chapter) #2” held at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Limited number of production, 300 sets. The box contains a set of 36 cards and rule explanation. You can play a game with them.
東京都美術館で開催した「新章風景#2」にて、飯塚純が出品した作品「FOREST MEMORY GAME」をDOOKSにて販売。限定300セット。ボックスの中には、ルール解説、カードセット(36枚)が入っており、実際にゲームとして遊ぶ事ができます。

6 kinds of forest image are printed on both sides of cards in 6 patterns, so 36 cards in total will be used. The rule is basically that of concentration game: you can get the cards if you can make a pair; but if you can’t, unlike concentration game, you can’t keep the side of cards as before. So then the front and back will be reversed, making you stray into the forest. Players will struggle to escape from there while experiencing the artist’s memory of lost in a forest.

Jun Iizuka 飯塚 純
Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1987. Graduated from Department of Art and Design, Yokohama College of Art and Design. His main concern is the memory inclusion of the photo as a matter