Cover Front

Inside, 8 kinds of images

Inside, B2size

Inside, B2size

36.4 x 25.7 cm, 2 pieces, 8 kinds of images, Offset print
Publication date: January 2016

A visual book collaborated by a product design label DRIPPING and a collage artist Ayame Ono. Eight kinds of wrappin papers in B2 size, two sheets from each, are eveloped in one book. You can use them for wrapping your presents and covering your books.

Ayame Ono 大野彩芽
Born in 1982 in Tokyo. Completed the master's course of Graphic Design, Graduate School of Tama Art University. Her activity as a collage artist and designer, under the concept of “cut & paste,” spreads wide from providing artwork for books, magazines, advertisements, and music industries to designing products. She co-authored the book “Cut, Paste, Collective” (BNN, Inc.) with TYMOTE.
1982年東京都生まれ。多摩美術大学大学院博士課程前期グラフィックデザイン領域修了。『カット&ペースト』をキーワードに、コラージュ作家・デザイナーとして書籍・雑誌・広告・音楽関係へのアートワーク提供、プロダクトのデザインなど多方面で活動中。著書に、TYMOTEとの共著「Cut,Paste,Collective 」(ビー・エヌ・エヌ新社)。



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