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"After image"
21.0 x 21.0 cm, Cover : Lithograph Print, Photo book : On-demand print
Publication date: April 2015

When the artist recollected her photos taken without purposes, she noticed afterimages in them having links with her drawings. Recollected photos overlap with each other as if they are the afterimages of each. The photo are shrink-packed and become separate if the package is loosed. You can enjoy the lithographically printed cover as a single work. Limited production of 60 copies. Two patterns of covers, A and B, each with 30 copies. *You cannot choose the edition number.

Born in Nara Prefecture and lives in Tokyo. From 2011, she produces her works by various methods, especially by space-constructing installation using her drawings, ready-made products, and her self-made devices. From 2014, she runs an accessary brand “nishi.”

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