Box cover


Posters with silver ink

Yusuke Omata 小俣 裕祐
15.1 x 10.8 x 2.0 cm, 6 postcards, One poster, On-demand print
Publication date: March 2015

For his photo exhibition “A Single Flower,” which was held to coincide with the death anniversary of his mother, this box set including photo postcards and a poster was produced. The photos for postcards are those of flowers Omata took as if dedicating them to his mother when he arranged them. The poster shows his message for the exhibition.

Yusuke Omata 小俣 裕祐
A photographer. Born in 1985 in Tokyo. When he is 26 years old, he started consciously taking photos and since then continues with film-photo taking every day. He graduated from Course of Product Design, Kuwasawa Design School in March 2014, and now works as a designer at a bag maker.

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